Students' Voice
N. Rohan (Student of PEP)
"I came to know about Sri Sanskar School through a presentation made at my school. I was impressed with the content and convinced my parents to enroll me in the Personality Development programme. During the course, I was able to focus on my personality development, The programme taught me the benefits of having a positive attitude and teamwork. Thanks to Sri Sanskar and the faculty, I have been able to decide upon the career of my choice."
Batchi Meg (Student of English programme)
"I love the activities that the school arranges frequently. I am confident now that I would score a full score in TOEFL."
B.Sodgerel (Student of English programme)
"I have studied in Sri Sanskar School for seven months Even though I learnt English Education, I don't want to write about my English language like others. Rather my big achievement is that I found my great purpose of my life in my course.I wish, if I had time, I would like to study in this school again a long time."
Ishita Bhatnagar (Student of PEP)
"I think the idea of developing such an institution which provides knowledge about the very basic things like etiquette was a very good thought. All the teaching imparted here was very helpful and constructive and I am confident that Sri Sanskar School would play a key role in my success."
Ayushi Srivastava (Student of PEP)
"This course helped me know my inner self better. After going through this course, I feel like a new person altogether. Now I am a more confident, focused, patient, independent and positive person, all thanks to Sri Sanskar."
Neha Vasdev (Student of PEP)
"Being a student in Sri Sanskar was a great experience. Here, theory and practical work go hand in hand. Whenever we find any difficulty or problem understanding, Sri Sanskar faculty is ever ready to help out 24x7, even if you are an ex-student. I wish all the best to Sri Sanskar for the future "
Satish Doval
"I feel that my daughter Kritika has gained by joining the Personal Excellence course. It is a very useful course and not many institutions have given a thought to start such a course. I am glad that my daughter has done the course as she is more confident now and there is positive change in his life."
Yogendra Gurung (student of Aviation and Hospitality Management Programme)
"Before coming here I was totally frustrated. I tried to get admission in different Universities for Masters but I did not...according to my choice and I was just roaming.from one place to another without doing anything. Fortunately I got a chance to come here and now I feel that I am lucky... I have got lots of knowledge.All the teachers are well qualified and experienced.I not only got knowledge about my course but I also got lots of knowledge like how to give interview, how to deal with the customers in a cool and calm manner. Even my grooming standard has improved and so on."
Tshering (student of Aviation and Hospitality Management Programme)
"After doing AHMD Course I have learned many new things about Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Sectors. Before coming here I did not have much knowledge but I have gained much knowledge and practical experience. Our faculty has put in 100% efforts and made us very confident. They (also) taught us how to face interview. I have given my interview in Hotel Savoy Suites. I got selected among nine girls. My GM and my senior staff they all are very happy with me and my work and my Institute and I am very happy to make my Institute proud..."
Mora Hang Limboo (student of Aviation and Hospitality Management Programme)
"I feel very proud of getting such a golden opportunity to be a part of your family, which has provided me a quality education, showed me a right path, and helped me to build up my career"
Aseem Maru (Sr .Manager, ICICI Bank)
"The programme has been designed to sharpen & brush certain behavioral concepts and skills. It should be attended and practiced by everyone at the beginning of their career. However, if you are a late entrant like me, its never too late. I would further like to add that with the efforts of the faculty and others involved, the session has been executed as per the plan and meets the objectives to the best."
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