From Chairman's Desk
It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to Sri Sanskar School of Etiquette and Career Development.
India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Our industrialists and entrepreneurs, particularly those involved in the knowledge industries and service sectors have shown that they can beat the challenges that come with reform and an open economy, exposed to and enmeshed with the global economy.
We are a young nation "in stride" - a country of young people preparing themselves to be "in step", with the rest of the world economically, and in every other way. This "human capital" is the country's biggest strength and asset as we move ahead into the twenty first century.

The consistent high rate of growth in the last few years has thrown up vast opportunities of employment within the country, abroad and in the ever growing area of internal - external interface expressed as "outsourcing".

In turn, all these opportunities have also created huge new challenges in the sphere of human resource development. At one level, it calls for vast expansion in the education infrastructure, particularly in the areas of technical management and professional education.

At another level, there is an ever growing need for developing institutions and curricula for imparting to our young people, a wide variety of job specific and specialized vocational skills, and a range of what are called 'Soft Skills', to be able to meaningfully bridge the gap between the "Aspirations" of and "Opportunities" available to our young people, and between the manpower requirements of our companies and the available human resource.

It is in recognition of this need, and with the aim and vision of contributing in our own small way to this vital ingredient of nation building, that the Sri Sanskar School of Etiquette and Career Development (SSS) was established in 2005.

We have done in depth research and needs analysis and developed a number of Professional/ Vocational courses and a rich menu of "Soft Skills" Modules. SSS provides a unique "One - Stop" opportunity for young people aspiring for jobs, to fine hone their personalities and skills; for technical institutions to give their alumni that vital extra bit to make them rounded and more complete; and for corporates by way of customized programmes for their executives and staff.

We look forward to being able to serve you.
Wish you all the best
Mriganka Gupta
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