6 Tips for Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

What do you need to know in order to make the right choice? After all, this will not only create a comfortable environment in the room, but also eliminate the need for frequent repairs. We have collected the recommendations of experts.

The choice is yours

1. To choose the right air conditioner, you first need to determine the size of the room and its location (whether it is on the sunny side or in the shade). Depending on this, you must already choose the power of the air conditioner.

One square meter of the room area should account for 100 W of unit power. And if, say, the air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 2 kW, then this is enough to create a comfortable environment in a room of up to 20 square meters (assuming that there are 1-2 people and there are no heat sources).

2. There are different types of air conditioners: floor (mobile), convectors and split-systems. The mobile air conditioner can easily be moved from one room to another, it is often equipped with a function of cleaning and ionizing the air. But there is a drawback - it will have to regularly pour out water from it, which settles during condensation in a special compartment. In addition, the floor unit is not distinguished by quiet operation. And it's convenient because it does not need to be installed by making a hole in the wall. Accordingly, do not call the masters, which is cheaper.

3. Split systems are most popular. This type of air conditioner not only cools the room in the heat, but also heats it in the winter. In addition, such a system does not clutter the room. The split-system is installed under the ceiling and fits into any interior. In addition, if climate technology is needed in a large apartment or house, you can purchase a multi-split system that will adjust your temperature in each room. True, this miracle of technology will cost 2-3 times more.

4. Another plus of the split system is the convenience of installation, because all the home air conditioners work from one external unit, which means that they will only penetrate the walls in one place. But we must remember that it is impossible to cool one room and simultaneously heat another. All indoor units must operate in the same modes: either only cooling, or only heating. If it is necessary to independently control the temperatures in different rooms, you need to install an air conditioner in each room. Daikin is an established air conditioning brand Denmanair have created this history of Daikin

5. Experts do not advise the country of origin. From this price is almost independent.

The consultant on household appliances of the Institute of Marketing Research "GfK-Rus" Santiago Lema notes that in the world are becoming popular inverter air conditioners, which can reduce temperature fluctuations. But in Russia their distribution remains low, says the expert, most likely because of the price - the inverter is on average 10 thousand rubles more expensive than a conventional air conditioner.

6. Do not try to save by installing the air conditioner yourself. Unprofessional installation is dangerous because it may damage the equipment and even collapse the structure. And the assembly company that you invite should have a license and documents confirming the qualifications for the provision of such services.

It is important to remember that air-conditioners need master maintenance - at least once a year you have to change the filters so that pathogenic bacteria do not accumulate inside.

In the rooms through which many people go, this procedure should be carried out even more often, advises SIC Director of Preventive Medicine Sergei Boytsov. More precise terms can be found in the instructions for use.

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